First thoughts

I've been thinking in this project so much time, looking for previous researches and some already existing implementations. My main idea is develop a wide platform for testing, monitoring & analysis. It should be easily extensible & highly compatible with the most used frameworks & programming languages.

Architecture idea

After a couple of weeks, I have the architecture already designed and ready for implementation.

The base OS will be an UNIX based one, which is highly compatible with Docker, Kubernetes and most cloud platforms, so this will make the project highly scalable.

Testing nodes

All the testing nodes will be a docker-compose containers with its own API, which will be the responsible in communicating with the main host. This approach will make the testing phase highly scalable, letting the user add as many host as he/she would need.

Test results storage

The chosen storage system which will be used to keep the records of the tests executed will be InfluxDB, an extended DB engine specially designed for this purpose.

Main host

I don't know at all how to implement the Main host system, probably with mixed Java/NodeJS microservices, don't know. It's too soon to say it.


As I've some previous experience creating Angular SPA applications I've choosen Angular as the principal framework to develope the frontend.